Don't Overlook the Need to Replace Your HVAC SystemIf you keep your home long enough, HVAC replacement may eventually be an issue you’ll have to face. Furnaces and air conditioners are subject to wear and tear over time, just like any other device. While manufacturers continue to extend the average service life of heating and cooling systems, the point eventually arrives where you have to make a decision about HVAC replacement. Here are some of the factors to consider that may help you decide.

  • Age of the system. For furnaces, around 20 years is the average life expectancy. Central A/C units tend to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Those figures, however, represent the operational life span. An HVAC unit may still be basically functional — turn it on and it produces heat or cool air — however, it may be obsolete from an efficiency standpoint. This means that it’s costing you significantly more each month in heating or cooling energy costs than a new unit for as long as you delay replacement.
  • Major repairs. If you’re facing costly repairs such as a new heat exchanger in the furnace or replacing the compressor in a central A/C, replacement now may be a better option. Generally speaking, if a unit has exceeded two-thirds of its expected life span, investing in expensive repairs is rarely the best financial call. At that point, it’s usually more realistic to opt for for replacing the unit with a newer model, providing greater reliability, improved energy efficiency, and lower operating costs.
  • Outdated technology. Heating and cooling research and development is continuously progressing. Advancements are integrated into new HVAC systems. These improvements enhance convenience, performance, and include features like network connectivity and smart systems that “learn” your household habits and temperature preferences. If you’re still relying on an aging furnace or air conditioner manufactured more than a decade ago, you’re missing out on many of the benefits of progress.

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