Here's an HVAC Replacement and Maintenance TimelineKnowing approximately how long an HVAC system lasts helps you plan for its eventual replacement and budget accordingly. Unless replacement is imminent, having an HVAC maintenance timeline that you follow will keep the equipment running more dependably and efficiently, and may even stave off a repair.

How Long Systems Last

A well-maintained cooling system should last between 10–15 years and a gas furnace from 15–20 years. Heat pumps may give you around 16 years of reliable performance.

Routine Maintenance Tasks

HVAC systems require periodic maintenance in order to perform optimally. They operate best when their components are clean. The air filter plays a crucial role in keeping the air handler or the blower compartment clean. During periods of heavy use, check the air filter monthly and change it when it’s covered with dust.

A central air conditioner has an outdoor condenser that’s exposed to the weather continuously. During the summer, check it periodically and remove any vegetation or debris that lies close to it. Check the fins and condensing coil for dust buildup. Sometimes grass clippings collect on the coil and should be hosed off immediately after mowing.

Professional Maintenance Scheduling

Both the cooling and heating functions of your HVAC system need to be on a professional HVAC maintenance timeline. This equipment needs periodic adjustments, thorough cleaning and lubricating to maintain efficiency.

When an HVAC pro goes through a system, he’ll bring the system back to its factory settings as closely as possible. The technician will measure the refrigerant level, clean the electrical components, and check the air flow.

A furnace should be inspected at the start of the heating season for top efficiency and safety. The technician will clean the burner, check the air to fuel ratio, check the venting, and verify that the safety switches work.

Sticking by an HVAC maintenance timeline prolongs the life of your system and increases its efficiency and dependability. To learn more, contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We provide trusted HVAC services for Indianapolis homeowners.

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