Since your air-conditioning unit is going to be used a lot over the next few months, you should know as much about it as possible. Today, we’re going to get you started by helping you identify some of the AC parts that are involved with keeping your home comfortable.


Although the thermostat isn’t a part of the actual air conditioner, it’s still connected to the system. This is what allows the equipment to turn on and off, after all. We suggest that you upgrade to a smart thermostat, because these advanced devices provide much better control over energy usage.

Expansion Valve

Think of the expansion valve as an AC component that keeps the refrigerant in check. Basically, this is what determines how much refrigerant is going to be released into the evaporator coil. If there’s too much or too little, this can cause issues with your equipment. The expansion valve makes sure the amount of refrigerant is always perfect.

Air Filter

You might not think of your air filter as an essential AC component, but it definitely is. Of all the AC parts listed here, it’s the only one that you could remove without your equipment breaking down, but then there would be nothing to stop harmful pollutants from re-entering your air. Check the air filter every month and replace or clean it if it’s dirty.


It’s amazing to think that a single liquid is such an important part of an air-conditioning unit and one of the most important AC parts. But without refrigerant — which you might know as Freon — AC systems wouldn’t be able to do their job. Maintaining healthy refrigerant levels is essential, so make sure you check this on a regular basis.


Your HVAC system’s blower is an integral yet simple component. It’s only job is to send treated air back into your home to cool it off. Without the blower, the cooled air would have nowhere to go.

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