Choosing a Sump Pump That's up to the Hard Work of Keeping Your Basement DrySump pumps are a vital component in your home when water rises and floods hit. That’s why choosing the right sump pump is an important decision you don’t want to wait until the last minute to make. When choosing a sump pump, know your options and find the right one for your Indianapolis area home. This way you’re always ready for water in your basement.

Sump Pump Types

Two standard sump pumps are primarily used in homes, submersible and pedestal. The submersible pump is submerged in a basin of your basement or crawlspace. When water rises to a predetermined level, the pump begins sucking it out and away from your home. The pedestal pump sits away from the water with an impeller in the basin to suck out water, keeping the motor dry.

Your decision when choosing a sump pump depends upon several factors. The submersible pump has a tightly sealed motor protected from water and generally outlasts pedestal pumps. For small basins, a pedestal pump works because it sits above it.


There are several options when choosing a sump pump for your home.

  • Manual or automatic: Most sump pumps are automatic, which is more convenient, but manual pumps are available at a lower cost.
  • Power rating: The standard 1/3 horsepower pump removes 2,200 gallons per hour, a 1/2 hp removes 3000 gal/hr, and the 3/4 hp moves 5,000 gal/hr.
  • Cost: Sump pumps, main and backups can range from $100 to $1,000.

Backups and Secondaries

Always have a backup pump in place for emergencies.

  • Battery backups are rechargeable packs used when electricity goes out.
  • Combination pumps include a main and battery backup in one package.
  • Sewage pumps are primarily for pumping sewage but could also be used for water.
  • Secondary pumps that are battery operated can be used instead of a battery pack.
  • Water-powered backups use your water main for power to remove water.

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