Winter is here, so it’s time to check your HVAC system. There are certain problems that are specific to winter, as well as maintenance tasks you need to perform to help guard against them. Here’s a list of winter HVAC checks to make.

Check your CO detectors.

If you have a gas furnace, this is one of your most important winter HVAC checks. A leak or other problem could send carbon monoxide fumes into your home. Make sure you have at least one CO detector on each floor and in front of every bedroom. Test each detector once a month, replace the batteries every six months, and replace the alarms every five to seven years as needed.

Insulate your pipes.

While not an HVAC problem specifically, this should still be part of your winter HVAC checks. Putting insulation over all of your exposed pipes will help guard against freezing.

Check for air leaks.

If you want to ensure that your system runs efficiently, make sure cold outdoor air isn’t able to seep into your home and undermine your furnace’s efficiency. Get your HVAC technician to perform a home energy evaluation as part of your winter HVAC checks. They can determine exactly where air is leaking into your home and patch up those leaks so that your home stays warm for less energy.

Check your insulation.

Your attic should be insulated to keep warm air from escaping out of your home. However, over time, that insulation can settle, and you’ll periodically need more. The insulation in your attic should cover the joists. If it doesn’t, add more insulation as needed.

Schedule your annual maintenance visit.

This is the most important of your winter HVAC checks. Call your technician to perform your annual furnace maintenance. They’ll check your thermostat settings, tighten any loose parts or wires, check your airflow, and make other adjustments as needed, to make sure your system is operating at peak efficiency.

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