Jump Start Spring Savings With An Energy EvaluationMost householders today are interested in a more energy-efficient home, but sometimes it’s hard to determine what actions to take to improve efficiency. That’s where an energy evaluation comes in.

Also called an energy audit or energy assessment, an energy evaluation is a detailed analysis of your household’s energy usage and your home’s overall energy efficiency. With high-tech tests and equipment, it can help you identify “weak spots” in your home that require attention, such as poorly insulated areas, places where drafts are getting in, and outdated appliances that could be upgraded.

You can perform a very basic home energy assessment yourself; however, for a really thorough evaluation, it’s better to get a professional evaluation by a qualified energy auditor.

The evaluation will usually start with a look at the amount you’re paying for energy, as compared with the average for a similar household in your area. It helps if you can provide at least a year’s worth of energy bills for the auditor to look at.

Next, the energy auditor will conduct a room-by-room inspection of your property. The auditor will be looking for items such as poor insulation, cracks and gaps around windows, and appliances that should be replaced.

A full energy evaluation involves a series of tests and scans. In particular, your provider may conduct a thermographic scan, which visualizes heat escaping from your home as a colored image. This shows where insulation may be missing or inadequate. Tests may also include a blower door test; this involves mounting a powerful fan and frame in an exterior door, facing outwards. When it’s turned on, the auditor will watch a gauge to see how quickly pressure inside the house returns to equilibrium. This reveals the extent and location of air leaks. Your evaluation provider should have a properly-calibrated blower door for this test.

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