Tips For Choosing A Battery Back-Up Sump PumpA basement sump pump plays a key role in preventing water damage and flooding. If you fail to implement a comprehensive system, including a battery back-up sump pump, however, you could be putting your home at risk. Experts agree that the best protection system for a finished or unfinished basement is a primary sump pump, an emergency battery backup sump pump and an alarm.

Installing a battery-backup sump pump to supplement your primary pump will maximize protection against flooding and water damage during times when the power goes out, the pump can’t move water sufficiently or the pump itself malfunctions and stops operating.

Look for features like these in a backup system:

  • Automatic detection of power outage. When AC power fails, the system will automatically switch over to the battery power, a critical feature should you be away from the home when the power fails or if you’re unaware when the primary unit stops working.
  • Automatic recharging, giving the sump pump a reboot when battery power is depleted.
  • Controls that monitor when the battery requires replacement, when cables in the battery become damaged or loosened, when a circuit breaker blows or becomes disconnected, if the pump clogs and when battery power is activated. The unit should also sound an alarm to alert you to dangerous conditions, or those that require your attention.
  • Silencing capabilities, allowing you to turn off the unit’s alarm when the power goes out.
  • Display panel that lets you see the amount of power capacity in the battery.
  • Testing features that run automatic, weekly tests on the battery backup sump pump, ensuring it operates properly.
  • Compliance with related components, so you can connect the sump pump to a security system.
  • Maximum operating life. Ideally, you’ll want to select a system that can provide more than 12 hours of operation, ensuring that the space remains free of water.

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