Your Fall Maintenance: Have You Checked Your Plumbing And Water Systems?If you’re planning on having your HVAC system inspected before the winter season arrives, make sure to check your plumbing and water systems as well. You don’t want to deal with any potential plumbing problems during winter in Indianapolis. Follow these tips to check your plumbing and water systems, but remember — an experienced technician likely will spot and repair any problems much more successfully than you. 

  • Check for leaks – Inspect all of your exposed pipes as well as pipes that go through the walls or through the foundation. Check your bathroom as well by turning on the bath faucets and showerheads and checking the handles and valves for leaks.
  • Check for corrosion – Corrosion could mean that there is a problem with the water or possibly with the pipes themselves. Make sure you check the shutoff valves as well as the brass and copper fittings for green stains. Such stains are signs of either corrosion or electrolysis, which can cause leaks or bad connections if not repaired.
  • Check your water pressure – Make sure your water pressure isn’t too low, as low pressure might mean there’s a problem with the line. It could also be a result of sediment having built up in the shower head or faucet aerator.
  • Check drainage – Make sure your drains are draining water at a normal speed. Slow drainage could be due to a blocked vent pipe or clogs.
  • Check the water heater – make sure that your water heater’s burner chamber does not have rust flakes. Also check the burner chamber’s flame: it should be blue and not yellow. If it is yellow, then you have a problem with the gas-air mixture, meaning you need to have the jets cleaned. In order to remove any sediment that has built up at the bottom, you’ll also want to drain the water heater.

Have your plumbing and water systems inspected as part of your fall maintenance. For more information about your home’s plumbing and water systems, please contact us at Mowery Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing for quality customer service in Indianapolis.

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