Homeowners often worry about pests getting inside the HVAC system. After all, it has parts located in hidden, dark places such as the attic, basement, or hall closet that seem to be perfect places for pests to hide. Fortunately, it’s rather rare for insects, rodents, or whatever to take up residence in your HVAC, as it does not necessarily present the best habitat for them. However, there are some occasions when pests and HVAC may join up. You need to know the signs of pests and HVAC and what to do about it.


Your ductwork is likely hidden away in the attic, basement, or a crawl space. You probably don’t see your ducts, so they may have become segmented or have holes, gaps, or cracks. Get your ducts repaired if this happens so that you’re not leaking air or letting humidity get inside. Also, rodents, roaches, beetles, or other pests may gain access. While it would be hard for creatures to live in the ducts because of the very high volumes of air that rush through, it’s not necessarily impossible, and you don’t want the odors of dying creatures being blown about in your home. Get your ducts cleaned if you suspect there are any intruders, and be sure to get them sealed to keep pests and HVAC apart.

Outdoor Condenser

The outdoor condenser may attract creatures seeking to get out of the cold weather. That’s why it’s best not to cover up the condenser in the winter, as it makes things a bit too cozy, especially for rodents. Do occasional inspections of the unit to make sure there are no signs of insect infestation, such as urine or feces, chewed wire, or nests. Call a pest control company to deal with the pests. Keep the area around the condenser free of weeds, tall grass, and leaves, or anything that might attract nesting creatures.


Inspect vents for insects, spider webs, and the like. Vacuum regularly or wipe out debris if you find nests or webs.

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