Window AC

If your home doesn’t have central air or you have a room that doesn’t seem to stay cool enough, installing a window AC unit (or more than one) is a great solution. Below are some simple tips that will help you avoid damaging the window during the installation process.

Choose the Right Size

First off, make sure that you choose the right-size unit for the window where it will be installed. There are actually two measurements involved. You’ll need to measure the height and width of the window opening, plus the square footage of the room. This will help with the installation process and make sure that the unit is powerful enough for your needs.

Check the Window for Damage

If the window is damaged in any way and you install an AC unit, this could lead to considerably more damage to the window itself and to the unit. Carefully examine the window to look for rotted wood or other signs of damage. If there are any problems, be sure to fix them before you put in the AC.

Get Someone to Help You Install Your Window AC

As you’re probably aware, window AC units are bulky and heavy. You shouldn’t try to lift it and install it yourself because you could end up hurting yourself and the window frame (not to mention the AC unit if you drop it). Make sure that you get a friend or family member to help you lift the unit and set it inside the window space.

Take Your Time Lowering It

We know you’re excited about getting your AC unit installed, but you need to take your time with each step. This is especially true when lowering the unit into the window frame. Make sure that you and your helper are going at the same speed, and try to lower it as slowly as you can without being too uncomfortable.

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