Saving Energy Myths and What to Do InsteadYou’re likely to hear lots of foolproof tips for curbing household energy consumption, but do these strategies really work? To help you separate fact from fiction, here are some common myths about saving energy and advice on what to do instead.

Myth: Close HVAC Registers in Unused Rooms

While this sounds like a logical way to save energy, closing registers can increase pressure inside your HVAC system and force more conditioned air out through leaks in the ductwork. For better control of your energy usage, talk to your HVAC pro about a zoning system.

Myth: Thermostat Temperature Setbacks Don’t Really Save Energy

Keeping your home at one temperature all the time wastes energy. Installing a programmable thermostat and scheduling eight-hour temperature setbacks based on your daily routine is a proven way to reduce consumption and lower your energy bills.

Myth: Crank the Thermostat for Faster Heating/Cooling

Extreme adjustments on the thermostat dial have no effect on how quickly your home warms up or cools down, and can waste energy if you neglect to change the setting back. If you want to wake up and arrive home to a comfortable environment, it’s better to program your thermostat to match your daily schedule.

Myth: Efficient HVAC Equipment is the Only Way to Save Energy

Upgrading to a more efficient furnace, heat pump or air conditioner is an important first step toward saving energy. To benefit fully, though, you need to improve your home’s overall efficiency by taking additional steps like installing sufficient insulation, air sealing the exterior and tightening up the ductwork.

Myth: Ceiling Fans Cool the Air

Ceiling fans don’t affect air temperature, but they can make heating and cooling your home more efficient. In the winter, a fan operating in reverse helps push warm air back down into the room when it rises to the ceiling. In the summer, the cooling effect of a ceiling fan can allow you to raise the temperature on the thermostat a few degrees without sacrificing comfort.

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