Shortly after purchasing my new home, my wife and I noticed a natural gas odor coming from the key valve that controls the gas flow to the gas log fireplace.  The gas company confirmed that we had a minor leak, so I called Mowery out to get an estimate on a repair.  They came out that same day and inspected the fireplace and the valve.  After talking through the options, we decided that the most logical approach was to replace the old gas log set with a more modern (and much safer) set that could be lit with a simple switch rather than a match.  Mowery quoted a fair price on the log set (prices were in line with other gas log retailers) and wrapped the valve replacement into the install price.  Overall, the total price may have been a bit on the high side, but the slightly higher price was worth it given the high quality service and TRUE professional installation by a licensed plumber.

Benjamin T.

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