Don't Let An Attached Garage Compromise Your Indoor Air QualityIf you’re concerned about indoor air quality, it’s wise to take measures to reduce pollution inside your home, but you should also consider how pollutants in your attached garage degrade the quality of your home’s air. The garage is an oft-missed source of pollution. And you’re right to be concerned about indoor air quality, as the federal EPA has listed it as one of the top five areas of pollution concern for Americans.

Sources commonly located in a garage

Homeowners generally store not only their cars in an attached garage, but also gas-fueled equipment such as lawn mowers and barbecues, along with household chemicals and pesticides. All of these sources emit harmful pollutants that can negatively impact one’s health.

How an attached garage can reduce indoor air quality

You may wonder how pollutants from a garage can seep into a home, especially since it seems like a well-sealed-off space. The problem lies in air leaks in the shared wall between the home and garage, as well as air pressure differences that can draw air from the attached garage into your house. In fact, findings of a recent Canadian study concluded that homes with attached garages were indeed subject to increased pollution.

Solutions you can use

  • The best way to prevent pollutants from entering your home is to remove the source of contaminants. Find an alternative location to store chemicals and fuels.
  • Seal the air leaks in the shared wall.
  • Back your car into the driveway to let it warm up, then close the garage door, which will decrease the amount of exhaust pollution that enters your home.
  • Install an exhaust fan in the garage, which will draw any remaining pollutants outside.

Evaluate how your attached garage may be contributing to indoor air pollution and degrading air quality. By taking a few steps to control pollution sources in your garage, you can lock in quality indoor air — and stay comfortable all winter long. For help in the Indianapolis area, contact Mowery Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbingtoday!

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