It’s always a challenge in September to think about preventative fall maintenance for our heating systems. The fact is, it’s high time to think about those heating issues you put off last winter when you said you’d deal with it in the fall.

If your heating system seems to be running right, then good for you — but just remember that fall maintenance is a must to ensure your heater delivers top performance all season long. If you’re planning fall maintenance, here are some of the top heater issues you should discuss with your HVAC consultant:


No matter what type of thermostat you have — analog, programmable, digital, or smart — it will eventually need replacing or repair. Wires fray or come loose, and other problems evolve. It’s usually a straightforward fix, so it will probably not be your most expensive repair.

A Crack in the Heat Exchanger.

The heat exchanger is one of the most essential parts of a furnace. When one develops a crack, this is among the top heater issues. Over time, as metal expands and contracts with heating and cooling, a small crack may appear. Carbon monoxide may escape from the crack, so this issue needs to be addressed, and it may require replacing the furnace.

A Dirty Air Filter.

A dirty air filter can be among the top heater issues, causing many problems including inadequate heating. A dirty filter slows down airflow and prevents the system from heating properly. This not only causes the the heater to use more energy, but it wears parts so that repairs are more likely. Change the filter regularly!

Leaky Ductwork.

The ducts are usually out of sight, so we don’t always think of them when the heating or cooling fails. But leaky ductwork can be one of the top heater issues, as they develop cracks, holes, and gaps and let heated air out. Have your HVAC specialist check them.

Pilot or Ignition Control.

Most modern furnaces have ignition controls instead of pilot lights, but both can fail and need repair.

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