HVAC System Maintenance: Proper Upkeep of the HVAC Condenser Fan MotorThe condenser fan situated in your outdoor unit plays a key role in your HVAC system’s performance. The fan motor is what powers the blades that turn and cool the condenser coil to aid heat transfer. Proper upkeep of the HVAC condenser fan motor is essential to protect the important components contained in the outdoor unit.

Overheating: A Condenser Fan Motor Problem to Avoid

A condenser fan is designed to run reliably up to a specific temperature – typically it’s 150 degrees. If the motor overheats for any reason, it can quit working or seize up. If the fan stops turning, other costly components like the compressor can sustain damage or be ruined by overheating.

Problems with the fan motor will produce some recognizable warning signs:

  • A noticeable change in temperature of the air coming from your registers
  • The cabinet feels hot rather than warm to the touch
  • A steady humming or buzzing noise at the outdoor cabinet
  • An acrid odor of burnt wiring coming from the unit

Common Reasons Why Condenser Fans Fail

There are several possible reasons why a fan motor might overheat:

  • Bad or worn out motor. A motor can be faulty and quit prematurely, or it can give out from age and wear.
  • Faulty capacitor. If the capacitor malfunctions, the fan might spin too slowly, or not start at all.
  • Electrical problems. A bad circuit board or damaged wiring can cause the fan to stop running repeatedly, run intermittently, or quit altogther.
  • Airflow restrictions. Clutter and overgrown vegetation around the outdoor unit can restrict vital airflow and lead to overheating.
  • Neglected maintenance. Accumulated debris and dirt on or around the fan, and friction from inadequate lubrication can cause the motor to overheat.

Keeping up with regular preventive maintenance can erase any worries about unexpected problems cropping up with your condenser fan. During a maintenance visit, your techician can inspect the electrical components, then clean and lubricate the fan so it stays spinning reliably.

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