I had my annual gas furnace cleaning and inspection done by Tom.  During the inspection, it was determined that the ignitor was bad, and so that was replaced at the same time.  Tom is probably the best service provider I have had on a furnace.  He was easy to talk to and took time to show me what was going on with the furnace and explained things for me to watch for in the future.  He also inspected the thermostat.  Once he was done with the furnace inspection, he moved on to my gas logs.  After buying a house with a gas fireplace, I wanted to have it fully serviced and inspected . . . plus I didn’t even know how to use it.  Tom was OUTSTANDING!  He checked everything out . . . and sat down and explained the entire system to me.  I felt stupid not knowing anything about it . . . but Tom was patient with me and helped me even light it a couple of times until I was comfortable.  Great customer service!

The same day, Mike K came out to do a water heater tune up.  Again, buying a new house, the water heater had a lot of knocking and pinging goin on after using hot water.  I did not want to try to flush it myself.  Mike was very easy to talk to.  He explained to me the entire water heater system and listened to me as I described what was going on with it.  He asked a lot of questions to pin point any other issues.  He cleaned the burner area and inspected and cleaned the pilot assembly.  Again, great customer service!

Just a great experience overall.  Love this company!

Bob S.