Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heaters: More Heat for Less Energy UseIn the warm weather, get out and enjoy your pool as much as possible. This is made possible on cooler days and during lower night-time temperatures through the installation of a swimming pool heater. Heat pump swimming pool heaters are energy- and cost-efficient to operate and are a good alternative to gas pump and electric pool heaters. Keeping your pool water a consistent and comfortable temperature is easily achieved with a heat pump heater.

Heat pump swimming pool heaters work by heating the pool water as it travels through the warming process of the heat pump. The pool heater works to heat your pool water the same way it heats your indoor air, through the process of refrigeration, extracting warmth from the outside air and transferring that heat energy to the pool water. These systems function at optimal efficiency when the temperatures outside remain above 45 degrees. As you’re unlikely to want to take a dip when the air is that cool, heat pump swimming pool heaters are a great choice.

To choose the proper heat pump for your pool, consider its size, its efficiency and operating costs. Determine your preferred pool temperature and take into account the surface area and our location’s coldest air temperatures. Expert assistance is recommended to calculate these factors so you make a long-lasting and knowledgeable investment in heating your pool.

There are a few steps you can take to improve the efficiency of heat pump swimming pool heaters. Keeping the solar cover on the pool when it’s not in use allows the sun to heat it naturally during the day and holds that heat in during cooler temperatures. Reduce the temperature setting on the heater or turn it off completely when you know you won’t be using the pool for an extended period of time.

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