While most people consider a furnace replacement at the beginning of the cold season, there are actually quite a few reasons to delay it until after winter has ended. While this may seem counter-productive, when you consider the benefits that you can realize by waiting, this decision makes more sense.

The first consideration is the overall cost of the installation. It is all too common to consider only the expense of the new unit, and not the cost of the labor for the actual installation. During the winter months, heating and air companies must hire more help, and often spend much of their time responding to emergency service calls. Therefore, rates may go up. By waiting until spring to install a new system, you’ll be getting the work done in the off-season when it is more reasonably priced.

This lower prices in spring also give homeowners more options and buying power. Manufacturers typically reduce their prices on heating systems during the off-season, to make room in stores for new models that are coming out. You typically can get a much more efficient and higher quality model for less if you wait until the off-season.

It is important, however, to consider your furnace’s condition. Obviously, if yours is broken and won’t function, you’ve got two options: immediately shell out for a furnace replacement or use an alternative heat source. If you live in a very cold portion of the country, alternatives such as space heaters are not recommended due to the increased cost of operation, but alternative heat sources, such as wood stoves or pellet stoves, can shoulder the burden until you no longer require heat.

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