Create A Durable Attic Using These 3 StrategiesDid you know that issues with your attic can impact your home’s energy efficiency and comfort significantly? An attic that has poor ventilation, air leaks and/or water damage can ruin your home’s energy efficiency.  Moisture can enter into your attic through a leaky roof or ice dams in your home’s gutters, and if your attic is not properly ventilated, water vapor has nowhere to escape. Additionally, lack of adequate attic insulation can result in your costly conditioned air escaping.

A faulty attic can raise energy costs and cause moisture problems, such as mold, throughout your entire home. However, there are three easy strategies that you can employ to achieve a durable attic that is well ventilated and dry, and which helps you conserve energy and money:

  • Begin from the top, with a good roof. A leaky roof is a major problem that leads to water damage in your attic. Protect your attic from the elements by flashing your roof to fill in spaces that cause leaks and stop water from penetrating. Seal air gaps between the top floor of your home and the attic. Warm air can escape into the attic from your kitchen, bathroom and dryer.
  • Insulate your attic properly.  In the cooler months of the year, heat can escape from an attic that is not insulated correctly; leaving you with a higher heating bill.  Be sure that your attic is insulated with the proper materials.
  • Ventilate your attic. An attic that isn’t properly ventilated is a breeding ground for moisture to sit and build.  Mold, wood damage and insulation damage are all products of an attic that isn’t properly ventilated. Install ridge baffles to allow air and water to drain down the soffit vent.

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