When a Battery Backup Sump Pump Comes in Handy for Indianapolis HomeownersWhen it rains in the Indianapolis area, your sump pump works overtime to make sure your basement or crawlspace stays dry, preventing damage to your home and appliances, as well as preventing mold growth. Unfortunately, during the worst storms, when you need the sump pump operating the most, it’s quite possible that you could lose power due to the weather conditions. To prevent flooding in these scenarios, invest in a battery backup sump pump.


A battery backup sump pump is installed into the sump pit alongside your current unit and tied into the same outlet plumbing. Its electricity, however, is drawn from a battery instead of the standard electrical system. When the power goes out and the water starts collecting in the sump pit, the backup pump turns on automatically. It can run for a few minutes or up to several hours, depending on the system and the battery capacity. When power is restored, the battery is recharged for the next incident.

Available features

In addition to running when the power is out, depending on the model, a battery backup pump can also take over if the main pump fails or if it cannot keep up with the volume of water during torrential or long-term rains. The installation typically includes a monitoring system that can warn you when the fluid level is low in the battery, if there are power problems, if the battery needs replacement, or if the pump is inoperable. It can also test the pump periodically, notify you when the pump is running and, with some models, interface with your security system or auto-dial notification system to alert you to a situation while you’re away from home.

Without a battery backup sump pump installed, a failure of the main pump could easily lead to thousands of dollars in damages, between appliance replacements and cleanup costs. For more information about a system for your home, contact our experts at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing today. We have been serving Brownsburg and the Indianapolis area for over 40 years.

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