7 Reasons an Annual Service Agreement for Your HVAC Equipment Makes SenseYou shouldn’t have to worry about the reliability of your home’s HVAC equipment. One hassle-free way to ensure that your heating and cooling system stays in prime condition is by signing up for an annual service agreement with your trusted HVAC professional. Here are just a few good reasons why a maintenance agreement makes good sense:

  • You’ll lower your utility bills. The regular maintenance your system receives through your service agreement can improve its efficiency, and this can save you money on your household energy bills year round.
  • Your HVAC system will last longer. Proper service extends the life of any type of mechanical equipment. A longer lifespan means you’ll avoid the unexpected cost of replacing key components before it’s really necessary.
  • You’ll reduce the risk of costly breakdowns. Regular maintenance ensures the reliability of your system’s components, so you’re less likely to experience breakdowns. You’ll also prevent future problems because your technician can troubleshoot small issues before they develop into expensive, serious repairs.
  • You’ll see significant savings if and when repairs are needed. As a service agreement customer, you’ll receive a reduction on your diagnostic fee, a 20 percent discount on heating and cooling repairs, and you’ll avoid overtime charges entirely.
  • You’ll spend less and get more. Keeping your HVAC system in good working order requires semi-annual checkups. You may not realize it, but the cost of an annual service agreement is often comparable to what you’d spend on seasonal tune-ups alone, and this is before you factor in any repair discounts.
  • You won’t wait around for expert help. When you have an annual service agreement, you go to the head of the line for priority service. This can make a huge difference in your home comfort if you experience an equipment breakdown during peak seasonal periods.
  • You’ll be more comfortable, summer and winter. Regular maintenance can reverse existing lost capacity issues, and you’ll feel the difference.

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