home comfort for petsYour HVAC system offers a convenient way to keep your Indianapolis home comfortable for your entire family, including your pets. Since their heating and cooling needs might differ from your own, keep the following information in mind to ensure home comfort for pets.

Heating Season

Temperatures in Indianapolis can plummet below freezing during the winter, so your home should be warm enough to keep your pets comfortable. If you normally turn the thermostat down before leaving the house in order to save energy, you can continue doing this with pets. Just make sure you don’t turn the heat off entirely or turn the thermostat down low enough to cause discomfort for older pets or pets with health conditions, such as arthritis. Your pets should also have a warm bed or blankets to sleep on during the day to help them stay cozy, especially on the coldest days.

Cooling Season

Summer heat can make your home uncomfortably hot for pets. This can be dangerous for certain pets, such as older dogs and cats or pets with heart conditions or other medical problems. You don’t have to blast your air conditioning for your pets when you’re at work during the day, but you should make sure it’s running enough to keep your home cool.

Factors Affecting Home Comfort for Pets

Certain factors can affect how warm or cool you should keep your home for your pets. For example, pets with thicker coats or long coats can handle cooler temperatures indoors during the winter, but they’ll struggle more with hotter air inside in summer. Pets with thinner or shorter coats need a warmer environment during the winter, but they aren’t at as much risk of getting too hot during the summer.

The size and weight of your pets are other factors to consider. Smaller pets need more warmth in winter compared to bigger pets. Overweight pets can deal with cooler indoor temperatures better, but hot indoor temperatures in summer could make them more uncomfortable.

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