A/Cs for CampingAre you planning a camping trip this summer? It’s a great way to unplug for a few days, both literally and figuratively. Leave behind the hassle of technology and commune with nature. Of course, nature can get pretty sweltering hot in Indiana in the summer. Maybe you can take a little technology with you, to keep cool. Here are a few HVAC essentials for your camping trip.

Indoor/outdoor cooler. This portable evaporative cooler uses water to make an area comfortable, either inside the tent or outside. The device turns water into cool air as it evaporates. This does tend to raise the humidity levels around you, so it works best in dry climates. Small and lightweight, many run on a standard 12-volt battery.

Window A/C. A cheap window unit can often be turned into a portable camping A/C. A 5,000 BTU A/C is enough to cool a 250 square foot tent efficiently. Be sure you find one that’s lightweight and portable, rather than bulky and cumbersome, and that’s either battery operated, or that you can plug easily into a generator. That way it won’t cause trouble when you bring it along.

Fan. HVAC essentials doesn’t necessarily mean a complete cooling system. Just getting the air circulating can be enough to stay comfortable. A fan can improve airflow in the tent or around the campsite. It can also create a wind chill effect, making your skin feel cool even when the air is warm. It’s light and portable and many are battery operated, making them convenient to travel with.

RV. Maybe roughing it isn’t quite your style. You want to get back to nature, but don’t want to give up the comforts of home. If so, try travelling in an RV and bring those comforts with you — including a complete HVAC system. You can regulate the temperature to meet your needs, and all you have to do to beat the heat is just step inside.

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