Zoning Systems: What to KnowA zoning system is an upgrade for a forced-air cooling and heating system that takes it from a one-size-fits-all appliance to an adjustable system that responds to each place in your home. Although they add to the complexity of an HVAC system, they provide significant comfort and energy savings.

What They Do

Zoning systems make it possible to divide your HVAC system into separate sections with its own thermostatso that just the area that needs conditioning gets it. When the thermostat calls for cooling or heating, it sends a signal to the panel, which then turns on the HVAC system. It sends air to just that zone. The dampers that open and close the ductwork operate automatically.

Ideal Homes for Zoning

  • Two story homes with the bedrooms up.
  • Sprawling single story floorplan.
  • Raised ceiling plates in some areas.
  • Uneven distribution of windows and window sizes.
  • Unused or infrequently used rooms.
  • Family members who like it cooler or warmer.

In each of these situations, the temperatures throughout the home vary considerably. A zoning system will keep each of the areas within the comfort ranges of the occupants without making the rest of the home uncomfortable.

Benefits and Disadvantages

Besides being comfortable throughout the house, zoning systems lower energy costs by reducing the amount of work the HVAC system does. It’s much easier for it to cool a few rooms than the entire structure. When combined with programmable thermostats, a zoned home will have much lower energy bills because the thermostat manages temperatures based on your schedule.

On the down side, zoning systems cost more. They’re easiest to install as part of a new HVAC installation. It is possible to put zoning systems into existing systems. Besides the cost, the extra parts make diagnosing a system malfunction more challenging.

Although there are challenges associated with a zoning system, the comfort and energy savings they offer merit consideration. To learn more, contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, providing HVAC services for Indianapolis homeowners.

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