Learn About Zoning System BenefitsThe variable continental climate of Indianapolis can make it hard to keep your entire home at a consistent, comfortable temperature. If you’re bothered by uncomfortable hot and cold areas around your house, a zoning system can help.

Greater Comfort With Zoning

A zoning system lets you divide your home into two or more heating and cooling zones (rooms or groups of rooms) so you can send warm or cool air where it’s needed the most. The system lets you distribute conditioned air to maintain a comfortable temperature in each part of your home.

A zoning system consists of a main control panel and programmable thermostat in each zone which controls dampers in the ducts. The dampers are automatically opened or closed as necessary to direct airflow and achieve the temperatures you’ve selected for each zone.

While you might assume closing registers also controls airflow, in reality, it only places strain on your HVAC system and causes wasteful air leaks in the ducts. Zoning systems don’t suffer from these issues.

In addition to improving your comfort, a zoning system can save you money. You’ll no longer have to overheat or over-cool some parts of your home in attempt to achieve a comfortable temperature in another part. You can choose energy-efficient temperatures for each zone and stay perfectly comfortable in every room.

Where Zoning Systems Work Best

These systems can be installed in any home with a duct system, but they’re especially beneficial in certain situation. Consider HVAC zoning if you have:

  • A multi-level home
  • A home with long halls or a sprawling floor plan
  • Vaulted or cathedral ceilings
  • Large windows, such as picture or bay windows
  • A room addition
  • Guest rooms or other rarely used areas

Zoning is also helpful in when household members prefer different temperatures. For example, you might have one person who wants their home office cooler than the rest of the house.

If you think your home could benefit from a zoning system, talk with us at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing in the Indianapolis area.

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