A Zoning System Could Save Energy and Money in Your HomeYour HVAC system was likely designed to deliver equal amounts of conditioned air to every room in the home. But the best laid plans don’t always work out when it comes to home heating and air conditioning, and sometimes adjustments for comfort are required down the line. That’s where a zoning system comes in.

Many factors affect how warm or cool your home is, including windows, ductwork, air tightness and orientation of the house, to name a few. Chances are you find some rooms in your home cooler or warmer than you would like. Space heaters and fans can help, but a zoning system may be a more efficient solution, in that it can actually help lower your utility bills.

How a Zoning System Works

Zoning systems are pretty simple in design, but it takes some expertise to install them correctly so you should hire a professional to do the job right. They consist of several thermostats located in various “zones” of the home. The thermostats power a damper in the ductwork that controls the flow of conditioned air to the zone. Temperatures are programmed through a central control panel.

Zoned systems allow you to cut back on conditioned air to unoccupied areas, and send just the right amount of heating and cooling to the zones where the home’s occupants are gathered.

Why You Might Need a Zoned System

Some features or architectural configurations make it difficult to achieve a desired temperature without zoning. A few of the most problematic are:

  • Cathedral (high) ceilings
  • Large or many windows
  • Multi-level dwellings
  • Lofts
  • A back room or a room over a garage
  • Rambling design, with wings extending from the main living area
  • Basement or attic rooms

Other Benefits

Besides allowing the homeowner to cut back on energy use, a zoned system also diminishes conflict over setting the home temperature. Individuals can set their temperature for their zone, without impacting others.

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