A Zoning System Can Improve the Comfort of Your HomeJust as individual homes may have different heating and cooling needs, separate areas within a single home can also experience differences in temperature. Structural features such as multiple levels, location and number of windows affect temperature, as do activities performed within various areas. For example, a sitting room frequently occupied by people or a room with many appliances tend to be warmer than rooms left empty much of the time. Installing a zoning system provides an energy efficient solution to these temperature variances and home comfort needs.

How a Zoning System Works

The home is separated into zones with similar climate control needs, and each zone is equipped with a thermostat. Heating or cooling is directed through ductwork to enter the zones according to the thermostat setting of each zone. A sensor opens or closes specific dampers within the ductwork to channel the heating or cooling where it’s requested. This saves energy because you’re no longer overheating or overcooling areas that require less.

Zoning keeps your living spaces more comfortable because you no longer have large temperature variances between areas such as upper and lower levels of the home, for example.

When Is a Zoned Approach Most Beneficial?

All homes can benefit from an energy-saving zoning system, but some homes reap even more value. These include:

  • Homes with architectural features such as high ceilings, extra windows or large windows, two or more stories, and unused rooms
  • Homes where some rooms are used for special activities, such as a home gym, dance studio, recording studio or entertainment room
  • Homes that have been or will be added to in the future. Zoning makes it easy to supply these new additions with climate control suited to their needs.

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