Your Leaky Duct System: Costing You Money and Compromising Your Indoor Air QualityIs your home suffering from a leaky duct system? Duct leaks will drain your utility budget every month, not to mention harming your indoor air quality. This means it’s time to give you a crash course in your leaky duct system and what you can do about it.

How Leaks Occur in Ductwork

As ductwork ages, it weakens and develops gaps and tears. Concurrently, tape, caulk and other materials used to seal leaks begin to deteriorate. Despite its name, duct tape is especially prone to losing its adhesiveness with time. Another problem is that many homes only have one or two return registers, despite having several supply registers. A closed door can stop air from getting to the return register, despite air still being supplied by multiple registers. This air must go somewhere, so it pushes itself through whatever gaps it can find, which makes existing leaks worse.

The Dangers of a Leaky System

The biggest problem with leaks is that the conditioned air being distributed throughout your home is often inadvertently released into spaces that don’t typically need cooling or heating, such as your attic, basement, garage, etc. Then your HVAC system will need to work harder to make up for the loss. This results in a higher energy bill each month. And because unfiltered air can infiltrate into leaky ducts, your indoor air quality is compromised, as well.

Inspecting and Fixing Duct Leaks

To keep your system running efficiently, check for possible duct leaks at least once a year. Leaks are common around the joints and air handler, plus near the vents. Some might not even be easily visible, so it’s important to be thorough. A leaky duct system can be repaired using duct mastic or metal tape, but if you want to find all the leaks and seal them properly, hiring a trusted HVAC technician is always a good idea.

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