Improving your home’s energy-efficiency profile reduces costs and keeps the house more comfortable in both heating and cooling seasons. To provide incentives to make needed efficiency upgrades, rebates put money back in your pocket immediately. While the federal program for most energy-related residential upgrades has expired, local utilities here in Indianapolis still offer rebate programs to reward home improvements that conserve electricity and gas. Here’s a summary of options available for homeowners:

Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL)

As the primary electricity provider here, IPL provides a number of cash-back offers to encourage energy-related upgrades.

  • Purchasing a new central air conditioner and having it installed by an approved local HVAC contractor qualifies for rebates. Units with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) of 16 receive a $300 rebate, while higher-efficiency air conditioners with a SEER of 17 or above qualify for $350.
  • Heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling are also eligible for money back. Heat pumps with a 16 SEER get $450, while units with a 17 SEER or more receive $500.
  • Installing an energy-efficient heat pump water heater qualifies for a $350 rebate.
  • Add a WiFi-enabled smart thermostat to your upgrade list and get $50 back.
  • Air purifiers and home dehumidifiers enhance indoor air quality, an important aspect of home comfort and efficiency. Purchase a qualified air purifier and get a $50 rebate, while a qualified dehumidifier brings $25. The IPL website provides a list of qualified makes and models.

Citizens Energy Group

The principle gas supplier to Indianapolis homes, CEG offers rebates to incentivize the transition to efficient, lower-cost natural gas.

  • Replace an existing electric or propane furnace with a new, efficient natural gas-fired furnace and receive a $400 rebate.
  • Making the switch from your old electric or propane water heater to a new natural gas water heater saves money in the future and earns a $150 rebate right now.

In Indianapolis, contact the professionals at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for more information about available rebates for home-energy-efficiency upgrades.