Yard Work Affecting Your HVAC System?Keeping your yard tidy takes a lot of work, but that yard work could be getting in the way of your air conditioner’s performance. Lawn mowing, tree trimming and other common lawn and yard care tasks can leave behind grass clippings, leaves and even pollen. Yard debris that’s in close proximity to your air conditioning unit can be drawn up through the bottom of the unit, preventing it from getting the airflow it needs to operate efficiently and effectively.

To keep leaves and grass clippings from choking the life out of your A/C unit, you should take steps to protect your A/C unit prior to performing any work on your yard. Here are a few tips you can use to safeguard the exterior of your air conditioner:

  • Use a tarp to temporarily cover your A/C unit. This will protect your unit from falling branches, leaves and other debris while doing your yard work.
  • Use a lawn mower with a bag attachment to prevent stray grass clippings from reaching your air conditioning unit.
  • Always double check your A/C unit for debris when you’re done with your yard work. Be sure to remove any lingering debris from the bottom of your A/C unit.
  • If the outdoor air conditioning coil is somehow covered in dust or pollen, carefully rinse it off with a garden hose and allow it to dry before using your A/C unit again.

Don’t forget to remove any vegetation that’s growing in close proximity to the bottom of your A/C unit. Doing so will help improve your unit’s airflow and help it avoid freeze-ups and other common air conditioning issues.

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