When fall comes around, do you go through shutdown procedures with your air conditioner? You might think all you need to do is just flip the control to off and you’re done, but there is — or at least there should be — a little more to shutting down your AC at summer’s end.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the things you might do to leave your air conditioner in good working order for next spring:

Turn it off.

Flip the switch on the control for shutting down your AC. You may want to turn off the switch in the outdoor electric box, but it’s not really necessary.

Change the filter.

You may not be ready to turn on the heating system yet, so perhaps you need not change the air filter until you do. However, it’s always good to go ahead and change the filter so that it’s done and you have a clean filter in the unit in time for the heating season.

Open windows and let in the fresh air.

Once you’re done with shutting down AC controls, open the windows to improve indoor air quality by letting stale air escape. It’s important to take advantage of those few weeks between cooling and heating seasons to enjoy the fresh breezes.

Inspect the condenser.

Have a look at the outdoor condenser. Brush off any dirt, mud, or grass clippings. Trim back shrubbery, weeds, grass, or anything else within a 2-foot area around the condenser. You probably don’t want to cover it up as part of your winter shutting-down-AC procedures, as this can encourage rodents and insects to nest in it during cold weather. However, if there’s a reason you want it covered, look into a manufactured condenser cover that will allow the unit to circulate air inside. Trapped moisture can lead to mold.

Check pipes and wiring running from the AC.

Pipes and wiring should be covered with insulation or other protectors for winter.

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