Winterize Your Home, Then Enjoy The SavingsWhile the weather is still pleasant to be outside, taking steps to winterize your home means you’ll enjoy more indoor comfort this winter, and it won’t cost as much to heat. Sealing the air leaks and servicing your heating system will lower your heating load.

Air leaks 

Leaks around windows and exterior doors allow warm air to escape your home. The good news is that  they’re relatively easy to detect and seal. Visually inspecting the window frames and sealing the leaks with exterior caulk will stop the air infiltration. Applying fresh weatherstripping stops drafts coming in around doors. If there’s a gap at the bottom, consider a door sweep or using draft blockers to curb cold air infiltration.

Make sure the fireplace damper sits tight inside the chimney. When the wind blows, a loose or open damper pulls a lot of heated air from your home. Pipes, wires and cables through exterior walls can also be a source of air leaks. Check the vent for your dryer and seal any cracks or gaps around it with expanding foam.

Check the attic during the day. If you see any light coming from the roof, you may have holes around chimneys, vents or flues. Use metal flashing for the chimney and flues or choose fireproof sealants.

Heating system maintenance

Check the air filter for the furnace blower. If it’s dirty, replace or clean it. If your heating system uses gas or oil, it’s important for an HVAC technician to inspect it annually to clean away combustion deposits and adjust the airflow for combustion. As part of maintenance, technicians also will inspect and seal your ducts. Loose ducts bring dust and dirt into your rooms and can contribute to a build-up of carbon monoxide inside your home. Conditioned air escaping through leaky ducts can raise your energy bills by 30 percent or more.

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