Will You Spring on HVAC Replacements Before Summer?If your heating and cooling equipment is showing signs of an age-related decline in efficiency, or it’s needed repairs more often recently, investing in new HVAC before summer can be a smart choice. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s worth springing for an HVAC replacement this time of year:

Less Risk of Discomfort

Now that our Indianapolis weather has warmed up, there’s less chance that you’ll suffer any discomfort from a lack of heating or cooling while your new equipment is being installed.

Worry-Free Reliability

Upgrading to new comfort equipment before the start of the cooling season can let you enjoy the summer with few worries that you’ll have to deal with the cost and inconvenience of unexpected break downs.

Manufacturer Specials

Spring is typically a slower season for HVAC equipment sales, so it’s a time of year when many top-quality manufacturers offer enticing special deals on equipment and/or attractive financing terms.

Easier Scheduling

Summer is a hectic time for reputable HVAC companies, when they’re more likely to be booked up with preventive maintenance, emergency repairs and equipment replacements. You’ll find it easier and more convenient to schedule an installation in the spring, when HVAC contractors have more flexibility.

Cost Saving Potential

Getting your entire HVAC system replaced at once gives an opportunity to garner even greater cost savings. You’ll find it easier to negotiate a discount if you’re purchasing cooling and heating equipment, and you can expect to save on installation labor by tackling both at the same time.

Tax Refund Availability

If you want to use some (or all) of your tax refund to pay for new HVAC, it’s wise to tackle the project right away before you have a chance to find other uses for the funds.

Improved Energy Efficiency

When you have new HVAC equipment installed in the spring, you’ll benefit from improved energy efficiency all summer long. If you opt for new heating equipment too, you’ll see even greater savings on energy year-round.

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