Wi-Fi Thermostats: Upgrade Your ComfortAs you plan upgrades to your HVAC system, you may want to think about a Wi-fi thermostat. It may sound complicated, but if you can operate a smart phone, you can operate a Wi-fi thermostat, which could give you access to more savings on your utility bills. But that’s not the only reason to get a smart thermostat. Read on for some of the benefits.

Adjust the Temperature From Wherever You Roam

No matter where you are, if you can get Wi-fi service, you can operate your smart thermostat. That’s especially helpful for homeowners who travel in the wintertime. Say you learn there’s a blizzard approaching Indianapolis, and you’re in Tahiti. No problem. You can adjust the thermostat as needed.

Ease of Programming

If you have a setback thermostat, you know what a pain they can be to program. Even if you’ve got it down, some of your family members may find it a challenge to change the programming when they need to. Also, you’re limited by the heating or cooling schedules they offer. With a smart thermostat, you just download an app, and set the temperature as needed.

Increase Home Comfort

So you like to turn the thermostat way down in the wintertime, but dread getting up to a cold house. With a Wi-fi thermostat, you can lie in bed, turn up the thermostat and wait till the house warms before you arise. You can also turn the thermostat down when you’re away from home, and then turn it back up (or down, as needed) as you approach home so the temperature is just what you need it to be.

Monitor Your System

Depending on how sophisticated your Wi-fi thermostat is, you can perform a number of functions that may help you run the HVAC system more efficiently. Some systems monitor humidity, or warn you about potential problems such as low refrigerant charge or a dirty air filter.

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