Why Your Heat Pump is LoudHeat pumps are bound to make some low-level noises during normal operation — such as clicking, whooshing, humming and squeaking sounds. If loud and unusual noises develop, though, it’s a cause for concern.

Here are some of the reasons your heat pump might produce loud sounds and what to do about it:

Loose Fan Blades

If you hear a metallic banging noise coming from your heat pump cabinet, it’s likely caused by a fan blade hitting other components. To avoid unnecessary damage, shut off your heat pump and contact your HVAC pro for help.

Bad Vibrations

It’s not unusual for an HVAC system to vibrate when it’s running, but if there are any loose components inside, such as piping, ductwork or hardware, these normal vibrations can cause an irritating rattling noise. An experienced technician can easily identify the culprit, and the fix may be as simple as tightening up loose cabinet screws.

Refrigerant Issues

A gurgling or hissing noise coming from your HVAC system is typically a warning sign of a low refrigerant level due to insufficient charge or leaks. Running your HVAC with too little refrigerant not only erodes its energy efficiency, but it can also cause costly equipment damage, so have it checked without delay.

Electrical Problems

If you hear a loud buzzing noise and your heat pump won’t cycle on, call your HVAC pro because you likely have an electrical problem, like a faulty motor, failed capacitor, or stuck relay switch.

Compressor Concerns

Hazardously high refrigerant pressure and/or serious compressor problems can produce a high-pitched shrieking sound. If you’re hearing this kind of noise, shut down your HVAC system and get an expert diagnosis immediately.

Lack of Maintenance

If you’ve neglected regular HVAC system maintenance, you may notice a grinding noise caused by dirt build up or a lack of lubrication on the motors and other moving parts. Scheduling routine preventive maintenance can help prevent this kind of noise and any unnecessary wear or damage.

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