Why You Should Change Your Air Filters NowMost likely the warm weather won’t be around much longer; soon we’ll see the seasons transitioning, with cooling breezes and falling leaves. Regardless of the season, however, your HVAC system always requires a filter change. Although you may not run the A/C as much as you run the furnace in our region, it’s still a good idea to change your air filters all year long.

Changing Seasons: A Good Time to Change Your Air Filters

A change of seasons often serves as a reminder that it’s time to change your air filter. As summer fades to fall, you should be thinking of fall preventative maintenance for your furnace. While that maintenance includes an inspection of burners, ignition or pilot, heat exchanger, ducts, condensate drain, controls and thermostat, it should also include an air filter change. That’s something you can do. Just make sure you buy the right size and install it according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Actually, you should keep on top of changing the filter all year long, especially if you have shedding pets and multiple occupants of the home. People and pets generate an extraordinary amount of dust, skin flakes and hair, all of which can end up dirtying your filter to a degree that air flow in the HVAC system is impeded. Change inexpensive fiberglass filters at least once a month, and better quality, pleated polyester or cotton fiber filters at least once every three months. If you have pets, live in a dusty area or several persons live in your home, you probably should change the good quality filters at least once every 60 days.

Cleaner Air

A clean air filter also works wonders for your indoor air quality — if you use a good quality filter. Pleated filters will help trap mold spores, insect parts and volatile organic compounds so that they aren’t recirculated in your home’s supply air, and so you don’t have to breathe them.

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