Why You Should Be Thankful for Your HVAC System in NovemberWith Thanksgiving coming round again, there’s no time like the present to thank your lucky stars for the HVAC system that’s providing comfort in your home, and doing so safely and efficiently.

Yet, your heating and cooling system really can’t do a great job of keeping your family comfortable without regular homeowner maintenance, as well as yearly or semi-annual professional maintenance.

Any time you consider what a great job your home’s HVAC system is doing, it’s helpful to also think about how things would be without modern heating and cooling equipment. Anyone who has suffered through an extended power outage will get a glimpse of what life would be like without comfort systems maintaining acceptable temperatures and humidity indoors.

Maintaining the Ideal Climate

It’s not just the temperature that’s controlled by a well-maintained modern HVAC system. A comfortable humidity level is also an important goal of most heating and cooling systems. Air that’s too dry or too moist can lead to health issues, as well as discomfort. Having a 70-degree (F) temperature inside your home isn’t doing a lot of good if the air is clammy and moist, or in the winter, if your lips are cracking and static electricity sparks every time you touch something.

Staying Healthy

Another service provided by a quality heating and cooling system is air cleaning. Modern homes are built air-tight, which is great for energy efficiency but not so great for indoor air quality. Your HVAC equipment should be maintaining a comfortable temperature while making sure health-threatening particulates are filtered or otherwise removed from indoor air.

Keeping it Fresh

Finally, a related benefit of a properly functioning heating and cooling system is ventilation (the “V” in HVAC). If air isn’t circulating properly, or benefiting from a constant infusion of fresh air from outside, you’re getting shortchanged by your heating and cooling system.

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