Your HVAC system has been having problems lately. Is it worth the cost of repairs, or should you simply replace it? If you know the HVAC replacement signs, there are several ways to tell if your system is on its last legs. Here are some HVAC replacement signs to look for.

  • It’s old. The average life span of an AC is 12 to 15 years. Furnaces have a life span of 15-20 years. If your system is more than 10 years old, it’s approaching its final curtain, and any repairs beyond a minor tuneup won’t be worth the money. Save yourself the hassle later and invest now in a new system.
  • It uses the wrong refrigerant. A few years ago, AC units ran on R-22 refrigerant. Then, it was found to be harmful to the environment. As a result, the government gradually phased it out. Since 2020, R-22 has been banned from being sold or produced in the United States. However, some older systems still use it. If your AC still runs on R-22 and needs a refrigerant replacement, you’ll need to replace the entire system.
  • The repairs are expensive. How much will it cost to fix whatever is wrong with your system? If it’s more than $1,000 or more than about 40% of the cost of the system, don’t waste your money. You’ll save in the long run if you put that money toward a new HVAC system now instead of waiting until it breaks again.
  • Your energy bills are going up. Annual HVAC maintenance can help your system stay efficient for years. However, as any unit gets older, it starts using more energy, which is one of the key HVAC replacement signs. If you’ve noticed your energy bills suddenly going up, seemingly without cause, it may mean your system’s efficiency is dropping. A newer model will likely use less energy than your old one did, even at its peak, thus helping you lower your bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

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