Among all the heater brands on the market, some stand out for their ability to see you through the cold Indianapolis winters reliably and efficiently.

Trane. Known for their high-quality manufacturing, Trane offers gas furnaces from 80 to 97.3 AFUE and oil furnaces of up to 85 AFUE. Their heat pump range includes a model that can achieve a respectable 10 HSPF and 20 SEER, as well as a somewhat less-efficient budget model. American Standard, owned by the same parent company, offers a similar selection of heater brands.

Lennox. If efficiency is your main priority, Lennox has you covered with two high-efficiency gas-furnace models, achieving 99 and 98.7 AFUE respectively. Their heat pump range is equally competitive. The most efficient model reaches up to 10.2 HSPF and up to 23.5 SEER. On the downside, the highest-efficiency models are among the most expensive on the market, and less-expensive options come with standard warranty coverage of just five years.

Bryant. This company’s reputation for affordable, durable equipment makes them one of the best heater brands all around. Three Bryant gas-furnace models achieve an AFUE of 95 of above, while all of their oil furnaces run at 86.4 or above. You’ll also find a heat pump with a 13 HSPF and 24 SEER. If you’re on a tight budget, somewhat less-efficient but more affordable models are also available. Bryant is a good source of furnaces for larger homes, offering options with capacities as high as 154,000 BTUH.

Goodman. Goodman’s gas furnaces and heat pumps offer some of the best value for the money you’ll find anywhere. Their two 98 AFUE furnaces and good selection of 96 AFUE models mean you won’t have to sacrifice efficiency for price. Their selection of heat pumps is small but offers a good range of efficiencies. While the equipment isn’t quite as durable as models from some higher-priced lines, Goodman’s excellent warranty coverage offsets this somewhat.

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