AC coolant

If your air conditioner still runs on R-22 coolant, you’ll need to switch to a different type of AC coolant. R-22 was outlawed because it was depleting the ozone layer. Fortunately, there are several other AC coolants you can choose from.

Selecting the right refrigerant can make your AC system run optimally all year long. Choosing a coolant that doesn’t match your unit’s capabilities can cause a leak or damage to important components. Learn more about the main properties of the available AC coolants to help you choose the right one for your system.


R-410A is a hydrofluorocarbon, so it doesn’t damage the ozone layer. It’s been approved for new HVAC systems and is the most commonly used coolant in newer residential and light commercial AC systems. Most HVAC technicians highly recommend it because of its performance and high efficiency.

R-410A operates at higher pressures than R-22. For your system to handle the increase, it will need to have a compressor built to withstand higher pressures. Older AC models are unlikely to handle the increased pressure. R-410A is best suited for newer AC systems and parts.


R-407C goes by several brand names, including Suva 407C and Genetron 407C. It’s a hydrofluorocarbon, making it a good choice for the environment. R-407C has a high glide, meaning there’s a big difference between its condensing and evaporating temperatures. It has a lower efficiency than R-410A coolant.

Among the higher-temperature HFC coolant options, R-407C has operating pressures that come closest to those of R-22. Therefore, if you have an older system running on R-22 and don’t intend to buy a new one, it’ll be easier to convert to R-407C coolant.


This coolant was the first environmentally friendly coolant to be successfully commercialized. It’s more efficient than R-407C coolant and is also a hydrofluorocarbon, so it’s environmentally friendly. Many large commercial screw chillers and vehicle HVAC systems typically use this no-glide refrigerant. It’s less commonly used in residential systems.

It’s best to talk to an HVAC expert before switching to a new AC coolant. Contact us at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing for help with any heating or AC issue in the Indianapolis area.