Everyone is concerned about healthy and safe indoor air quality (IAQ), especially with the dangerous spread of viruses. It’s sad, but it’s a fact of life that you have to be more vigilant about the air you breathe in your own home. When you combine that with traditional indoor pollutants, such as VOCs, radon, mold, and bacteria, you really need a plan in place. One good place to start is with residential air quality testing to see where your indoor air stands up to the moment.

Buy a Residential Air Quality Testing Monitor

Consider purchasing a residential air quality testing monitor to install in your home. These devices are portable so that you can move them from area to area, such as from your living room to a bedroom or to the basement. This helps isolate air-quality issues. Choose a residential air quality testing monitor that monitors the following items:

  • VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs are pollutants emitted from furniture, solvents, cleaners, paints, and more.
  • Humidity. It’s important to keep indoor humidity below 45% to help prevent mold growth merely from the presence of high humidity.
  • Air quality index (AQI). AQI determines the risk of health problems associated with pollution.
  • Particulate matter (PM). Levels of PM indicate levels of allergens in the air.

Remember that if you use gas-burning appliances in your home, including your water heater, it’s important to install carbon monoxide monitors on every level and within 10 feet of gas-burning appliances.

Install an iWave Air Purifier

Residential air quality testing devices will help you track indoor pollutants. However, a whole-home air-purification system will actually help you remove indoor pollutants from your home.

One of the very best air purifiers is the iWave Air Purifier. The iWave reduces COVID-19 by 99.4% in 30 minutes, and it reduces the human coronavirus by 90% in 60 minutes. Talk to your HVAC technician about installing the iWave and a residential air quality testing device in your home.

To learn more about residential air quality testing for your Indianapolis area home, contact the pros at Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing!