ceiling fan

Depending on how you use ceiling fans, effective fan use can improve your comfort and your HVAC unit’s energy efficiency. As strange as it may sound, ceiling fans can make your house warmer in the summer and fail to save you any money if used ineffectively. Here’s how to avoid that by following these tips for effective fan use.

Fan Direction

Ceiling fans usually have a reversible motor that lets you change the direction of the blades. In the summer, you should set the fan blades to spin counterclockwise. When the ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise, they push airflow downward, creating a breeze that cools the skin.

Set the Thermostat to a Higher Setting

To save money on energy bills, set your air-conditioning system to a slightly higher thermostat setting, then run your ceiling fans. The cool breeze created by ceiling fans allows for a higher thermostat setting without affecting your comfort. Ceiling fans use less electricity than air conditioning, helping you save money on your utility bills.

Run Fans on the Lowest Speed to Keep You Comfortable

Ceiling fans are more energy-efficient when running at lower speeds. You can improve the efficiency of your ceiling fans by running them at low or medium speeds rather than high speeds. Conserve more energy and keep your bills lower by running your ceiling fans at the lowest speed at which you still feel comfortable.

Turn the Fan Off When Leaving the Room

Ceiling fans cool people and not spaces. They’re only useful for cooling when they move air over people’s skin, aiding in evaporative and convective cooling. As a result, always turn off a ceiling fan when leaving a room. If the air movement isn’t hitting anybody’s skin, the ceiling fan can end up making the space warmer, since its motor gives off heat and the air movement eventually turns to heat.

Now that you know about effective fan use during the summer months, you can keep cool while saving energy. For more information on effective fan use, contact Mowery Heating, Cooling and Plumbing. We’ve been handling the heating and cooling needs of homeowners in the Indianapolis area for more than 50 years.