Should You Buy the Whole System or Just the Unit?When you’re buying an HVAC system you’re purchasing units designed and engineered to work together. Though the indoor and outdoor components of your central air conditioner may be physically separated, they’re still integral parts of one system and should be replaced that way. Any dealer or contractor who suggests replacing just half the system doesn’t have your best interests in mind. If you’ve made the commitment to buying an HVAC system at this time, be sure to replace the entire system, not just one half. Here are four good reasons why:

  1. Efficiency ratings assume a complete system replacement. The air conditioner’s SEER rating that tells you what energy efficiency to expect from a new system doesn’t apply if only half the components were replaced. SEER rating and other critical manufacturer’s specs regarding performance and efficiency are all based on the assumption that the entire system is replaced.
  2. Service life may be shortened. The evaporator and condenser coils occupy separate halves of the system, but are a matched set literally made for each other. Replacing only one coil or the other causes a mismatch that accelerates wear and tear on other parts of the system, leading to early failure of critical and expensive components like the compressor.
  3. You will pay again, later. Replacing only one unit in the system now still leaves you with an older unit approaching the end of its expected service life. That side of the system will require replacement sooner rather than later, incurring system installation costs all over again. Paying once for system installation now is more financially farsighted than paying twice, later.
  4. Warranty coverage may be voided. The warranty terms imposed by manufacturers definitely don’t cover the old half of the system when the other half is upgraded. However, replacing only part of the system may also void coverage on the new half, as well, leaving you vulnerable to costly repairs and replacement.

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