The Benefits Of Whole-House Humidifier Maintenance Cannot Be DeniedWith whole-house humidifier maintenance, you can expect your system to generate enough moisture to effectively manage the relative humidity in your home. Without proper care, however, a whole-house humidifier will fall prey to neglect, causing hazardous leaks in your home and lowering your return on investment. Here are the tasks a technician will perform during a whole-house humidifier maintenance visit to ensure that your system is in good working condition:

  • Check controls, ensuring that the system will automatically adjust output to respond to changes in humidity.
  • Change the water panel. Much like an air filter for your heating or cooling system, water moves through the water panel, which catches sediment and particles as the water evaporates and gets distributed into the home’s ducts. A clogged water panel will inhibit the even flow of water into the unit, decreasing system efficiency. The technician should change out the water panel about once a year.
  • Clean the orifice. Sediment buildup can be detrimental to the orifice, the component that meters how much water can move into the water distribution tray through the feeding. A clogged orifice will prevent water movement, restricting the humidifier’s capacity. Your technician should be able to insert a device into the opening of the orifice to clear out buildup.
  • Check the drain line. Most humidifiers flush the leftover water that doesn’t evaporate into the ducts down the drain line. Any sediment that’s left in the water will also flush down the drain, possibly creating a backed-up drain if it’s neglected. If any air accesses the line, the drain will also back up. Your technician may clean out the drain or replace it if necessary.
  • Check the system’s water pressure. If the humidifier’s pressure is higher than normal, it can cause the system to leak. With a pressure reducer, the technician can adjust the pressure so that it’s at the correct level for peak operation.

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