You don’t generally think of your HVAC system as having its own plumbing. Your AC creates a lot of moisture, though, and it needs a drain line to dispose of it. Furthermore, that drain line can sometimes get clogged like any other. When it does, you need a safe drain cleaner that won’t react badly with your system. Here’s how to find one and deal with an HVAC clog.

Using Safe Drain Cleaners

Your first instinct in the event of a clog might be to reach for the same drain cleaner you use on your sink or toilet. However, those cleaners often use harsh chemicals that don’t react well with your HVAC system. When looking for a safe drain cleaner, be sure it’s specifically designed to work with your AC. You can usually find such cleaners in your local hardware store or online.

However, there’s a cheaper, simpler option: Distilled vinegar will generally take care of the clog just fine. Or, if you don’t like the smell of vinegar, you can use dish soap, peroxide, or even hot water. Vinegar works best, but any one of these options will unclog your drain line in a pinch.

Unclogging Your Drain Line

Before unclogging your drain, be sure to turn your AC off. Then, look for an access point in the drain line. It will usually be a T-shaped pipe with a cap on it. Remove the cap and see if there’s a clog. If there is, pour 1/4 cup of your safe drain cleaner into the pipe. Wait 30 minutes. Then, pour water into the pipe to flush the cleaner out.

If the drain line is still clogged or water is backed up in your drain pan, call your HVAC technician to help you take care of it. They can also clean your drain line during your scheduled annual maintenance visit to prevent blockages from becoming a problem and keep the system running smoothly.

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