healthier air

A well-maintained HVAC system keeps you comfortable and helps create healthier air for you to breathe. A common discussion concerning in-home air quality is the temperature. Some people prefer cold air, while others keep their homes warm. Your preference can often depend simply on personal taste. However, you may want to know which air temperature makes for healthier air to breathe — preferences aside.

Which is the Healthier Air: Hot or Cold?

Cold air can offer health benefits, and many people find cooler air crisper and easier to breathe. While you certainly don’t want to keep your home too cold, as this can lead to illness due to lower temperatures and dampness in your home, lowering your temperature within a healthy range can be practical for your health.

Health Advantages of a Cooler Home

  • Better Sleep. When you sleep, your body naturally cools down, and this helps you enter the deeper and most restful part of the sleep cycle. In colder conditions, your body’s core temperature drops faster, helping you enter deep sleep quicker.
  • Increased Metabolism. When you are colder, your body has to work harder to keep itself at a normal core temperature. This burns a good deal of calories, so even a few degrees difference in your home can affect your body’s metabolism.
  • Help With Certain Warm-Weather Allergies. If you are allergic to warm-weather irritants, such as pollen, a colder environment can help. In colder conditions, pollen is greatly reduced, which can help your breathing.

When You Need Healthier Air and the Best in HVAC Service and Maintenance

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