HVAC systems are the biggest consumers of energy in most homes. Particularly during the cold Indiana winters, running your furnace is a necessity. How can you keep your house warm without driving your electric bill through the roof? Here are a few HVAC savings tips to keep in mind this winter.

Seal leaks.

If cold air from outside is allowed to leak into your house, it can waste a lot of energy, as your furnace has to run longer to get your home to the proper temperature. Have your HVAC technician perform a home energy audit to see where air is leaking in, then seal up those leaks to increase your HVAC savings.

Seal ductwork.

Just as cold air can leak in, warm air can leak out. Holes in your ductwork significantly reduce your system’s airflow and impede HVAC savings. Look for leaks, rips, places where two sections of ductwork have separated from each other, and other similar damage. Seal them with metal tape or mastic sealant.

Check your thermostat.

If you can turn your thermostat down even a few degrees and still be comfortable, it goes a long way toward improving HVAC savings. Also consider investing in a smart thermostat that can switch to a lower, energy-saving setting when you’re out of the house and then back into comfort mode when you return.

Use ceiling fans.

Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to clockwise. This will pull cool air up so the warm air stays down, allowing your house to get comfortable more efficiently.

Schedule furnace maintenance.

The best way to maximize HVAC savings is with your annual furnace tuneup. Make the appointment every year before heating season, and your HVAC technician will check your system to ensure it’s running at maximum efficiency. They’ll adjust any components that are causing problems. They’ll even calibrate your thermostat to make sure the settings are optimal and make recommendations for how you can increase efficiency and save money and energy.

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