There’s a lot of debate over HVAC service contracts. Some say they’re one of the best ways to ensure that your HVAC system stays in good repair and running efficiently. Others claim they’re not worth the money. Who’s right? Well, it depends on what kind of contract you get and from whom. Here’s a look at what you can expect from HVAC contracts.

What’s Covered in HVAC Contracts

The main thing covered by HVAC service agreements is maintenance. Once a year, an HVAC technician will visit your home and give your system its annual tuneup. That means checking the individual components to see if they’re working properly and fixing or replacing anything that’s starting to cause problems before those problems result in a breakdown. It also means checking the thermostat settings for maximum efficiency, cleaning the condenser coil, and a host of other tasks.

However, depending on the HVAC company you’re using and the contract you have, there may be other perks to a service agreement as well. If you do need repairs, customers with a contract will often get them at a discount, with no cost for the visit itself, if it occurs during normal business hours. They’ll also get priority service. In other words, no waiting for an appointment.

What’s Not Covered in HVAC Contracts

It’s important to look at your contract to make sure it includes all the things listed above. Many don’t, particularly from less-reputable HVAC companies. First, make sure the contract includes both your AC and your furnace. Some companies have separate agreements (with separate fees) for each unit.

Some HVAC contracts only include maintenance and nothing else. Ask about priority access and repair discounts. If they are offered, they may cost extra.

Before signing an HVAC contract, vet the company beforehand. A poor HVAC agreement can cost you a lot without giving you much in return. However, a contract with comprehensive coverage from a reputable company is well worth the money. It ensures your system keeps running efficiently, avoids costly repairs, and saves energy.

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