What to Know About HVAC RentalsUnder certain circumstances, renting HVAC equipment provides a viable temporary option to maintain comfortable temperatures as well as a healthy indoor environment. While we usually think of furnaces and air conditioning units as permanent installations, in fact, temporary units are feasible substitues when required.

Options for these are widely available.

In many climates and/or particular seasons, a structure without air conditioning or heating can become literally unlivable, as well as a health threat to occupants. This situation requires relocation of residents until indoor climate control can be re-established—always an inconvenient and costly recourse. Renting HVAC equipment to keep the premises comfortable and safe keeps the occupants in place, avoiding unnecessary relocation expense.

Typical situations where renting HVAC equipment is a viable option include:

  • Mechanical failure. If a furnace or air conditioner breaks down, it’s usually at the worst possible time. If the unit can’t be immediately repaired, severe weather conditions such as extreme cold or uncomfortable heat may make the premises unfit for occupation. Expensive motels bills and disruption of the normal routine of life is inevitable. In this instance, a rental unit can be brought in quickly to fill the gap and maintain a comfortable enviroment until the installed furnace or A/C can be repaired.
  • System replacement. Installing a new HVAC system takes time, even when planned well in advance. Depending upon the extent of the work, normal heating or air conditioning may be temporarily unavailable while the upgrade is underway. Rental units can be a viable stand-in to keep indoor temperatures consistent and daily life intact, even while the old system is removed and new units are being installed.

What About Service?

Most reputable HVAC rental firms provide service or maintenance if needed at no extra charge. Details should be included in the rental contract.

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