A dripping AC can be a source of water damage in your home. A central air conditioner naturally produces condensation as it cools the air. In fact, a typical central unit may produce as much as 20 gallons of condensate per day in hot, humid weather. A dripping air conditioner may result from problems in the air conditioner’s condensation drainage. Another potential leakage problem can result from excessive ice formation on the air conditioner’s evaporator coil. Below, we discuss two scenarios that can result in a dripping AC.  

Clogged Drain Pan  

Situated below the AC indoor air handler, the drain pan catches water dripping off the evaporator coil. As water collects inside the pan, it flows into a line connected to the household drain system. Formation of algae or mold inside the drain pan may trigger a clog and cause an overflow around the air handler. Alternatively, the drain pan itself may crack and leak due to age.

A qualified HVAC technician can inspect the drain pan. If mold or algae is causing clogs, the drain pan can be cleaned and treated with fungicide to prevent a recurrence. If the drain pan is cracked or has a hole, the pan can be replaced.

Coil Icing

Ice should not form on an indoor AC evaporator coil. If it does, something’s wrong. Each time the system cycles off, thickening layers of ice on the coil may partially melt. The resulting water may drip outside the drain pan, becoming a source of damage. As the air conditioner cycles on and off, leakage continues, potentially resulting in a dripping AC.

Ice formation on an evaporator coil is usually due to low refrigerant charge. When refrigerant is below specifications, the evaporator coil drops into freezing temperatures. Layers of ice form on the coil, then subsequently melt and cause indoor water damage. Low refrigerant is usually caused by leakage. An experienced HVAC technician can track down the leak, perform the necessary repair, then restore the refrigerant charge to the proper level.

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